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BadVPN is an open-source peer-to-peer VPN system. It provides a Layer 2 (Ethernet) network between the peers (VPN nodes). The peers connect to a central server which acts as a chat server for them to establish direct connections between each other (data connections). These connections are used for transferring network data (Ethernet frames), and can be secured with a multitude of mechanisms.


UDP and TCP transport
Converges very quickly after a new peer joins
IGMP snooping to deliver multicasts efficiently (e.g. for IPTV)
Double SSL: if SSL is enabled, not only do peers connect to the server with SSL, but they use an additional layer of SSL when exchanging messages through the server
Features related to the NAT problem:
Can work with multiple layers of NAT (needs configuration)
Local peers inside a NAT can communicate directly
Relaying as a fallback (needs configuration)
Release notes: New Release
Improved protocol such that peers can use SSL when comminicating via the server. This improves security, as compromising the server will not allow the attacker to see secret data shared by peers (in particular, encryption keys and OTP seeds when in UDP mode).

Compatibility is preserved if an only if the following conditions are met:
TE The server is using the latest version.
TE If the network is using SSL, all clients using the new version are using the "--allow-peer-talk-without-ssl" command line option.

TE Be aware, however, that using the "--allow-peer-talk-without-ssl" option negates the security benefits of the new SSL support - not only between pairs of peers where one peer is using the old version, but also between pairs where both peers are capable of SSL. This is because the server can re-initialize the pair, telling them not to use SSL.
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Systems: Linux

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